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Benefits of HP PageWide
Designed with productivity and quality in mind, HP’s PageWide XL Printers are currently HP’s fastest Large-Format Color and Monochrome printers on the market, able to produce large-format poster sized prints up to 60 percent faster, with higher effecienty than LED printers.

Traditionally, production print houses have had to use separate black and white only LED printers and separate large-format color printers to cover both types of jobs. HP PageWide consolidates the two, delivering mixed black and white and color prints in almost half the time of those produced on separate printers. The PageWide’s scanning and finishing options also improve efficiency and productivity, freeing up the operator’s time spent prepping and processing.

The lower operation costs of the PageWide line is driven by longer life printheads and the higher efficiency ink. The technology behind PageWide consists of more than 200,000 nozzles spanning the width of the paper, greatly increasing print speed and on-the-job productivity.

The overall ink quality of the PageWide is superior to LED, with darker blacks, more vivid colors, and moisture and fade resistant properties. The ink will print to a variety of medias: Universal Bond Paper, Production Matte, Glass, and Satin Poster Papers.

HP PageWide can help you compete in the large-format production printing market, and help to open new revenue streams and business opportunities – from point-of-sale poster printing to CAD and GIS printing.

The HP PageWide Family
The PageWide family consists of the PageWide XL 8000, a high-end production printer that prints up to 30 D/A1 prints per minute; the mid-range model, the PageWide XL 5000, for small-to-medium print houses, with speeds up to 14 D/A1 prints per minute; and the PageWide XL 4000 which can handle up to 12 prints per minute.

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