Touchscreen & Presentations Tools

Accent Imaging now carries state of the art presentation and touchscreen tools. From large touchscreens for doing markups on site, to digital pens that can turn your whiteboard or projector based presentations into digital touch presentations. It has to be seen to be believed! This technology can also extend the functionality of your non-touch devices into interactive touch capable presentation, visualization and production tools.

Liquid HD Monitors

LIQUID Displays by BALD Technologies combines state of the art multi-touch technology with easy to use, plug and play functionality. Precise touch response covering the entire glass surface blended with full HD resolution delivers the world’s most vivid and accurate touch technology.

The new multi-touch options are 22 and 32 inches, with each offering a plug-and-play setup. Just hook one of them up to a PC, and you’ll enjoy the same type of touch access found in smartphones and tablets. Each display comes pre-calibrated from the factory, so no other software or calibration is needed.

The U-Pointer™ is a tool that turns your LCD projector into a touchscreen-capable device. U-POINTER is an add-on to your computer that allows you to perform all the functions you would normally perform using your mouse on any surface. This frees you from having to sit behind the computer to run your presentation. Any surface you can project on now becomes an interactive touchscreen! Great marketing tool and perfect for those presentations where you need to wow your clients.

U-POINTER is an indispensable part of any modern presentation.