Accent customer sees 378% ROI with M-Files

Nucleus Research has published a case study on Booth & Associates, a North Carolina-based electrical engineering firm and Accent Imaging customer. Accent Imaging introduced the M-Files product to Booth & Associates after we partnered with M-Files in 2013.

The study highlights the positive financial impact the company has experienced since implementing M-Files for them, such as a 378 percent ROI; a payback period of four months; and an average annual benefit of $119,019.

Read the full return on investment report here.

Accent Imaging’s partnership with M-Files enables us to offer you a folderless approach to organizing files and the ability to search for and access files however you want – by client, project type, date, status or other criteria. It’s completely dynamic, enabling you organize and display information how you need it, without the limitations of antiquated, static folder structure.

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New Document Management Solution

Accent Imaging has partnered with M-Files to offer you document management solutions that will help you organize and streamline your business documents, information, and processes. M-Files improves efficiency and productivity with its metadata approach to file management. This means you will find files quicker by transforming your antiquated static folder structure to a dynamic folder-less network system. No longer do you need to know the name or where a file is on your server to find it quickly.

M-Files features full support for CAD files, MAC, Linux and Windows systems, and can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Dynamics, as well as Salesforce CRM, NetSuite, Autodesk AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, Autotask, Sage 200, Lotus Notes and numerous other commonly used business applications.

M-Files not only provides a system for managing and tracking documents, but for healthcare, government, manufacturing and related industries where quality and compliance processes are important, it has features in place to ensure that your policies and procedures are being followed to industry standard and in compliance with regulations.

M-Files is fully customizable. It can be installed on-site, via the cloud, or both. Our experienced team can help you find the best solution for your company. To see the full power of M-Files, please contact us to schedule a demo: call (919) 782 3332 or email [email protected]. Let M-Files and Accent Imaging help you to work smarter, not harder, to improve your bottom line.

Copy Print Scan Department

Our Reprographic Printing Department specializes in Project Document Distribution. We have tremendous expertise in printing and managing documents in all areas of the construction process from the design phase, bid process, to the end of construction closeout documentation. We have a large array of digital submittal and managements tools available to assist your construction document workflow needs. With our comprehensive Planroom solutions, you can easily review bid information, view plans and specifications, and download files or place print orders from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your projects may also be posted on our free public planroom or a customized private planroom solution can be tailored for your project or company. With our LaunchPad job submission tool, your files and project information can easily be uploaded directly to our Production Team allowing for quick printing response times with our unmatched large array of production resources. Learn more about our Copy Print Scan department.