Our Corporate Facility

Accent Imaging’s corporate facility is centrally located in the Triangle between Raleigh and Durham. The building was constructed in 1995, and in 2009, prior to Accent moving in the facility, we had a complete interior renovation completed.

The 28,000 square foot building includes a contemporary-styled lobby with circular railing centerpiece that looks through the floor into our lower level, a large print facility, sales and service areas, and a supply and equipment warehouse.

To view photos of our building or to take a virtual tour select the links below. More information on our virtual tour service can be found at

View Building Photos | View Virtual Tour

Document Conversion Magic

Accent Imaging’s Copy Print Scan team is available to convert all your office paper into an efficient digital storage solution that will bring you savings, efficiency and peace of mind that your files will be backed up if disaster strikes.

There are many advantages to scanning and storing digital files over traditional paper documents. If you have filing cabinets overflowing with paper documents in hundreds of folders, chances are they are taking up a lot of office space and a lot of your time is spent searching for invoices, sales orders, contracts, and other important documents. By scanning them we can take storage rooms full of documents and store them in a small area on compact media (CD, DVD, USB drive). A single CD can hold up to 15,000 pages, DVD up to 100,000 pages and large capacity hard drive/server storage could potentially mean hundreds of filing cabinets worth of documents.

Having all your documents in a compact digital format, saves search time and can improve customer service, by serving up documents more efficiently. A digital database of documents can be searched through based on keywords and titles almost instantly. Documents can also be OCR’d to provide you with the ability to search for words and phrases inside of a scanned PDF. Also of obvious importance is the communications benefits – scanned documents can be sent to your customers digitally a lot quicker than by mail. Internally, digital documents can be used collaboratively – notes or comments can be added without changing the original document.

Scanning your documents is also a smart backup strategy. Having your documents exclusively in paper format, opens you up to risk of fire and water damage, or other unforeseen disasters. Having these documents in a digital file format provides a level of backup to prevent data loss. Also, it is much easier and less costly to make a backup of your backup from the digital files, than trying to duplicate and backup a bunch of paper documents.
Give yourself peace of mind that you’re important files will be backed up, and also the space saving and time saving benefits of instant file access. The scan team at Accent Imaging can tackle scan projects small to large.

Let us scan your important documents today! Call 919.782.3332 (direct 919.926.3040) or email [email protected] for more information or to get a quote. Visit Copy Print Scan section of this website.

Stunning 360 Tours

One of Accent Imaging’s latest digital services is Digitour360, a virtual tour 360-degree photography solution that provides an interactive way to reach your prospects. Still photography is a tool traditionally used to capture buildings and locations, but still shots do not allow you to see the full context of the spaces captured. That is where Digitour360 comes in; our virtual tours allow you and your clients to look around in spaces and tour buildings in a way that is closer to standing in the actual rooms. Our addition of Smartphone support, adds additional interactivity. When you view one of our tours on your mobile device and move it around, the gyroscope on your device activates revealing the tour as if you were also moving around in the virtual space.

Our tours are branded specifically for your company, and can feature loading screens, logos, interactive maps or floor plans, and links between rooms and scenes. The completed tours can be embedded into your existing website or loaded locally from a computer for presentation purposes.

So who uses and benefits from Digitour360 virtual tours? Anyone who is looking for a way to market or show their location or building to customers online in a user-friendly way. Our clients range from retail and hospitality, parks and sports arenas, architects and engineers, to all the major Universities in the Raleigh, NC area. Not only has it been a good marketing tool, but has helped sell building spaces to clients who couldn’t visit the locations in person.

Take a tests drive today of some of our past work. To view examples visit:

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