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These days cost control and reduction tops the list of business priorities. The challenge is finding areas where costs can be reduced without harming productivity. Accent Managed Print can help you find these cost reduction opportunities by looking for areas that are currently unmanaged.

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Unmanaged office printing offers us the opportunity to help you find ways to:

  • Control your spending
  • Reduce the burden on your IT department
  • Maintain your productivity
  • Decrease your environmental foot print
  • Research has shown that office printing costs average 1-3% of a company’s revenue. 1

    Associated costs can be as much as nine times the actual cost of printing. 2

    Companies that manage their printing costs can save 10-30%. 3

    1. Gartner – “Printer and Copier Fleets, The Goldmine in the Hallway.”
    2. ALL Associates Group
    3. Based on Garner analysis from August 21, 2009.

    We are not a cookie cutter solution! We come up with a customizable solution that will meet your needs based on an analysis of your particular situation. Often the solution will reduce both direct and hidden print costs, without even needing to buy new equipment.
    Our Accent Managed Print representative will help you understand and define your current situation and how much it is costing you. They will plan improvements to enhance productivity and implement a solution that will enable you to do more with less.